Blockchain API Interactions

"Communication protocol, each API interaction must adhere to the syntax described below."

Https calls have this structure:



cluster : Available public option test

node : Node number i.g: 001-node

Endpoint : Available public options described in the API reference section.

General knowledge specification:

As a general rule, on the NxtFi API, each HTTPS call that points towards a directory folder in the storage system must end with a forward slash /, otherwise the response will prompt:

{"error": "notFound"}

On the other hand, HTTPS calls pointing to files won't admit a forward slash at the end or the file extension. If that is the case, they will also prompt the same error message.

For example SUCCESS:<scope>/<directory>/<scope>/<filename>

For example {"error": "notFound"}:<scope>/<directory><scope>/<filename>/<scope>/<filename>.json

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