API - Listing Files

Listing results on https calls

When query calls point to a directory, as mentioned in the API interaction section, they will need to be ended with a '/'.

Getting a list of files from a directory enables optional query string specifications in order to manage and organize these lists according to the following syntax:


If no query string is declared, default listing is ascendent-alphabetical order.

GET https://test-001-node.cloud.nxtfi.org/v2/<ENDPOINT>/?<query-string-options-and-values>

If a query string is declared in order to be valid must have a = between the query name and its value

Query Parameters

Listing trace interaction:

The system for monitoring interactions is listed in a slightly different way. For more information on tracing, please refer to the Storage tracking interactions section.

Interactions with the NxtFi file system are stored in tracking directories that point to a specific file. This means that a single stored value may have a list of tracking files related to its manipulation.

Therefore, when listing the tracking information of a specific file, its query must include "/" endings as they are fixed directories to their "parent" element.

For example SUCCESS:



For example {"error": "notFound"}:



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