Proof of Authority as an authentication hierarchy tree. Starting at the 'ROOT' genesis block.

To obtain write privileges to interact with the NxtFi blockchain, each user/entity must generate a key pair using the RSA-PSS specification.

After the key-pair generation process is successful, according to the Proof-of-Authority mechanism, every PubKey needs to be approved by a higher hierarchy authenticated key-pair before it can interact with NxtFi in any way.

Higher hierarchy key-pairs can only grant or revoke permissions, and are like parent elements. However, they will never be able to sign on behalf of other key-pairs.

IMPORTANT: To write new blocks on TestNet blockchain either through playground or directly with the API, an administrator must first register your public key and release the necessary permissions.

Key-pair generation

The generation of a public-private key pair is done as follows in Javascript:

        name: "RSA-PSS",
        modulusLength: 2048, //can be 1024, 2048, or 4096
        publicExponent: new Uint8Array([0x01, 0x00, 0x01]),
        hash: {name: "SHA-256"}, //can be "SHA-1", "SHA-256", "SHA-384", or "SHA-512"
    false, //whether the key is extractable (i.e. can be used in exportKey)
    ["sign", "verify"] //can be any combination of "sign" and "verify"
    //returns a keypair object

Request permission for your key

Currently, authorization for new keys is done manually. Please contact the NxtFi administrator to request the necessary permissions to write new blocks.

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