NxtFi Blockchain

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What is NxtFi?

NxtFi is a third-generation, private (Proof of Authority) blockchain with integrations and API-based solutions that facilitate adoption, implementation and scalability. It is designed with a special focus on traditional businesses and institutions to update their digital services with efficient, secure and transparent transactions.


NxtFi is a decentralized system that provides a unique combination of features. It does not require proof of work.

Instead, it uses a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism achieved through encryption key-pair permissions, best-in-class encryption algorithms, transparent distributed ledger technology with fast transactions and low latency, and infinite possibilities through Smart Contracts implementation within a cryptographic authority hierarchy (similar to web SSL certificates). This enables a secure and robust framework for backend and storage with no fees or transaction gas.

Smart contract within NxtFi:

NxtFi blockchain introduces a fully programmable Smart Contract structure with a powerful Javascript interpreter within, enabling blocks to have executable code written with JS logic into their body. It is also complemented with embedded functions that make data storage possible, making its architecture an easy-to-use, safe, and tamper-proof framework to host backend logic.

Managed and requested through API https calls, NxtFi offers a robust ecosystem to host many types of apps.


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